“I found you because you came to meet me, I found you because you let yourself be known.”
MR 22, 17

Greetings from the Delegation of Asia! I am Chrezann M. Angulo, sending you a warm greeting on behalf of all the sisters and lay collaborators from the Delegation San Lorenzo Ruiz – Asia on the celebration of 150th death anniversary of our founder Francisco Palau.

150 years of encounters of Francisco to the Church is indeed a call to remember with gratitude, celebrate with joy and look forward with faith to a future full of hope.

Over the years, we have been privileged to be daughters and sons of Francisco as we carry on his great legacy to the Church. We remember his well-lived life with gratitude, from his tireless searching to that beautiful encounter with the Church. «I found you because you came to meet me. I found you because you let yourself be known. » (MR 22, 17). Furthermore, the fruits of that union ranged from his fervent contemplation to his exemplary missionary action.

We rejoice in the many memories that these encounters have brought us as well as how they have been passed down from generation to generation. Remembrances that stir our hearts because of the countless blessings, dedicated and courageous sisters and lay who have lived and continue to live the charism we inherited, and where this gift is reached and incarnated. We are thankful to the multitude of people we encountered and with whom we have shared these gifts.

The Delegation of Asia is young, we are a young Church. This memorable event of our Congregation, the 150 years of encounters, inspires us to look forward with trust and hope for a vibrant future of continuing our mission of creating communion, announcing the beauty of the Church, commit ourselves in restoring the wounded Body and to listen and respond in total availability.

May we walk together through 150 years and beyond! Happy anniversary!